Nope, nope nope. It was a fantastic ending. I did not expect it to be so bloody satisfying or terrifying or moving. I'm blown away. Is this how everybody else felt at the end of Breaking Bad? My girl had just made me watch all the seasons of Sopranos in a misery binge and I had no room left in my life for charismatic… » 3/10/14 8:44pm 3/10/14 8:44pm

You realize that worldwide Arsenal have probably fifty or a hundred times the kid fans as the NY Yankees, The Red Sox, and the Cardinals combined right? You realize that every single game played in the Premier League even the crap ones dwarf the viewership of the Superbowl right? Why is it so odd to think that kids… » 3/10/14 9:19pm 3/10/14 9:19pm

Ha! Even the developer thinks these questions are ridiculous. I guess he didn't see the Kotaku poll indicating that pointless shit like this is reeeeeeally important. Cracks me up. Let's do another article on how disappointing Watchdogs is despite nobody having played it. Or maybe a throw up a few more shots of South… » 3/10/14 9:20am 3/10/14 9:20am

Are we sure that the take away from all this isn't that Adams could have written as many books as Terry Pratchett if he hadn't unfortunately decided to spend his entire life rewriting just one book(Dirk Gently aside)? This doesn't strike anyone else as a case of OCD bordering on insanity? I listened to the radio play… » 3/09/14 6:42pm 3/09/14 6:42pm

Level up weapons before stats is a big one. Dodging is better than blocking. If you get surrounded it's your ass. Also you sort of need to decide early on what stats to level up END and VIT are always a good choice but you have to decide if you want to use heavy weapons (STR) and armor. Rapiers, daggers and katanas… » 3/09/14 5:47pm 3/09/14 5:47pm