I really like Gary Trudeau (Alpha House is kind of wonderful) but I always felt like I needed to read Doonesbury from the start for it to make sense ... so I need to start in 1968 I guess. » 3/23/15 8:17am 3/23/15 8:17am

Good read. I would like to hear some more details on the individual panels if you happened to have taken notes on them or have a really good memory. Nice job sir. » 3/18/15 9:19am 3/18/15 9:19am

This is only tangentially related but when Bryan Singer was dropping the gross national product of a small country on that terrible "Jack the Giant Killer" flick (and I happen to be a huge fan of the original technicolor version,) how is it possible that no-one brought him an episode of Attack on Titan and said… » 3/18/15 8:56am 3/18/15 8:56am

Loving this series of posts Yannick. I'd like to see you co-ordinate something with Patricia— is she still doing the same thing with Dota 2 that you're doing with LoL? Would love to see some side by side comparisons between the two games from a couple of novices. Don't play either myself (yet) but I lean toward Dota 2… » 3/05/15 1:32pm 3/05/15 1:32pm

That was awesome. I now choose to blame the Oscars for the terrible show since this number makes it seem obvious that if you can't make it work with NPH ... you can't make it work. » 2/25/15 9:16am 2/25/15 9:16am

I adore Fear Effect 1 and 2. Loved the one arm mercenary, twin sawed off shotguns, bad guys as protagonists, burning paper machine guns and ammo for use in the spirit world, the lot. Loved. These. Games. » 2/17/15 2:42pm 2/17/15 2:42pm

No Risk? It was the only one on my list. Ultimately if you get a really expensive fancy carved chess set, its always going to be cooler than a video game version (though cut-scenes for taking pieces is cool.) Risk is actually more fun when you aren't dicking around counting pieces and cards every turn. » 1/26/15 12:43pm 1/26/15 12:43pm

Brendan can you explain to me the difference between Muslim/Moslem and Islamist? Islamist is code for terrorist right? I mean we only use the word to describe sociopathic scum right? I find the ubiquity of this new word frightening since obviously it is never used to describe regular Moslems but only murderers and yet… » 1/25/15 2:17pm 1/25/15 2:17pm

I just played the trailer and my daughter crept into my lap from nowhere and watched it completely entranced. Like "Frozen" levels of love. Reading that there are no more songs totally sucks. Give me a rock-opera video game! Because I only just realized right now, that I want one! » 1/19/15 2:13pm 1/19/15 2:13pm

And I was under the impression that Aladdin was generally agreed to be an Asian character. I think Jason Scott Lee played him in the TV movie (I think Rufus Sewell ended up being Ali Baba) and I seem to remember something about how Aladdin was Asian even in the original text of Arabian Nights. » 1/18/15 11:29am 1/18/15 11:29am

Love, love , love the rpgs you mention but in all honesty, in spite of something like 5 full playthrus of the the Mass Effects and 3 of Witcher 2 (the Dark skill setting with the three special armor with swords was the strongest reason for my additional replays) I'm not sure these games have the same kind of… » 1/14/15 8:41am 1/14/15 8:41am

If you don't like musicals then the PBS filmed stage version of Sweeney Todd (NOT the movie w Johnny Depp) with George Hearn and Angela Lansbury will completely blow you away. » 1/13/15 4:34pm 1/13/15 4:34pm

Having opinions untainted by context or facts is your god given American right! Keep fighting the good fight against these sorry bastards that keep contaminating your righteous rage with sorely needed context and inconvenient facts. » 1/13/15 9:32am 1/13/15 9:32am

Wow Lena really pegged you guys down to a tee huh? The only plausible reason for the way you guys write about Girls is that you realized she was writing about the lot of you and it struck a serious motherfucking nerve. That's it. Also ... attempting to satirize Dunham by trying to use her voice ... is not really a… » 1/12/15 7:38pm 1/12/15 7:38pm